The Galleries

After many years of showcasing my work on an antiquated website it was time for a new one. So here we are with a work in progress that will be updated continuously over the next several months. A note: I do fine-art nudes and there are a lot of them here.  If you're not comfortable with full nudity a couple of these galleries are probably not ones you'd want to visit. Galleries with nudity say so. 

Three Graces

Filmmaker Tyler Measom shot this short film while I was doing a nude shoot on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. My models are Heather, Rainey and Andrew. Finished stills from this shoot can be seen in other galleries on this page. Full nudity.

mysteries of the big salty lake

A collection of imagery created over a period of seven years in and around the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The music was composed and performed especially for this project by Nicholas Rivera. This will be the next collection of my work to be published in book form and it does include full nudity. 

the spiral jetty sirens

In April of 1970 Robert Smithson created the Spiral Jetty on the north shore of The Great Salt Lake in Utah. Three years later at the age of 35 he died in a plane crash in New Mexico while scouting a location for one of his projects. In honor of the Jetty's 40th anniversary and to pay tribute to Smithson I gathered 13 of Utah's most beautiful women and photographed them on the Jetty during the last few hours of sunlight of Saturday May 8th, 2010.  

beautiful strange

Men - Nudes


I've been creating nude imagery for almost 40 years; it's what I love most and probably what I'm best at. Early on I was always trying to justify the nudity but those days are long gone. My artwork is simply an extension of who I am and nudity is a part of all that.